Assessment Tools

Assessment Tools


DeathtoStock_Wired7Our Assessments are top-notch, high-quality products; we are committed to bringing out the richness of these tools via personal and group debriefing. 

Our Team Building packages typically include Behaviors and Motivators Reports.

Take a quick peek at the assessments we use. (Click on each title to view a sample report):

Our most popular assessment tool, we take the DISC methodology to the next level, discussing the “low” side of each category, adaptive behaviors, group norming.

Often flowing hand-in-hand with Behaviors, this assessment offers insight into the “why” behind what we do, allowing appreciation for others’ motives and values.

This unique EQ assessment gives each participant insight into their intrapersonal and interpersonal development scores compared to the norm, along with steps for growth. 

Our newest tool, this ground-breaking assessment gives quantitative measurement in 17 workplace categories, plus reveals stress symptoms that may not stem from work. We use this assessment for our Team Diagnostic Reports.

This assessment, when combined with Behaviors and Motivators, shines in helping make staffing choices by highlighting areas of developed and underdeveloped skills. We typically use our Competencies Report for clients who want help with the selection process.