Transformational Team Coaching

binoculars 2Healthy Teams Insights facilitates Self-And-Others-Awareness growth opportunities through Transformational Team Coaching.

Transformational Team Coaching guides groups through a process of incorporating a mindful culture into their team. Mindfulness has transformational benefits in individuals and groups, including reduced stress, greater empathy and understanding, increased ability to solve complex problems and much more. When incorporated into a team setting, mindfulness can yield powerful results in terms of increased productivity, satisfaction and group trust and engagement.

Transformational Team Coaching provides opportunities for:

  • Discovering the inherent strengths and weaknesses of your group
  • Finding out where your team’s stress points lie
  • Developing a system of working together collaboratively
  • Creating team language that enables your group to work more effectively
  • Developing mindfulness practices, including listening and empathy
  • Identifying action steps to enable team members to adapt to others’ communication styles … and much more.


Transformational Team Coaching is a forum for teams who want to achieve higher performance levels through knowledge of themselves and each other.


Transformational Team Coaching through Mindfulness is a huge passion for us. The decision to learn more about yourself and your team is one of the best choices you can make.  Find out how powerful Mindfulness and Transformational Team Coaching can be for you.