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Thank you. It is always interesting to reflect on behaviors and motivations in order to get a better sense of self awareness and improve communication and relationships with others.

~RF, Iowa, USA


I truly enjoyed Wendy’s engaging, personal style of teaching/speaking

~JN, Tempe, AZ, USA

Great presentation and content. I enjoyed the individual review and learning about team member charactieristics and motivators..

~GM, Tulsa, OK, USA

I found our Training with Wendy both fun and rewarding for our team. 

We have a fairly new team, so, it was quite insightful to learn about each other on an individual basis but then also how we can tap into our strengths to better our team as a whole was very beneficial.

I have went through just the DiSC training multiple times throughout my career, but, adding the Motivators and the EQ sections of the assessment really ties it all together and helps create a cohesiveness to become more of a high-performing, respectful, trusting team.

 I would highly recommend this training.  The one-on-one time reviewing our assessments with Wendy was great and our day of team building was definitely worth the resources invested.

~KO, Tulsa, OK, USA

The report has certainly helped me in understanding myself better, especially my professional side – ideal work environment, my strengths, key motivating factors and what I need to work on. It has also heightened my awareness to why I react in a certain way in some situations and how I can cope better in future. I liked the structure and presentation of the report, easy to understand and read. 

~JK, Singapore

This report was amazingly accurate.  It helped me see more clearly the interaction between my values/goals and temperament.  I believe this would be very helpful for teams, for any kind of leader and even with marriages.  An excellent resource.
~DB, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

It’s very, very accurate and the communication tips are spot-on. They may actually help a lot with my next job. Thanks so much for this! 

~LK, Los Angeles, CA, USA

I found the report quite helpful. No surprises in the results, I loved the way it took the information and paraphrased it in an easy to read/understand manner.  I have also forwarded it to my director that is fairly new to the organization. 

~LK, Phoenix, AZ, USA

Wow!  So interesting and accurate in many, many ways. Insightful and humbling.   I need to spend a lot of time analyzing the outcomes ( which is exactly something I would do according to the results ), but I do think this would be an awesome tool with the right guide to help through the planning phase. 

~AF, Seattle, WA, USA

I’ve been reading my report over a few times, and really appreciate it as a tool. The part I found most helpful was the communication checklist with the do’s and don’ts. The breakdown of the do’s is good because I feel that in an honest environment, I could let my coworkers know about some of them and ask them to try to use those behaviors when communicating with me. I would love to know what each of my coworkers’ lists look like too, so that I could tailor my communication with them.

I felt that this would be helpful in a hiring process, because it really gives insight into how a person operates and what they value.

~LO, Kailua-Kona, HI, USA