How would you like your multi-cultural work group to communicate well with each other (even if they work in different parts of the world)?

What would it feel like if the energy you put into your team is multiplied, not divided?

How would you feel if your staff turnover problems were permanently in the past?

Get ready for your team to be transformed.

Here’s how it works:


Identify your Starting Point.

Using our unique, data-driven Diagnostic Report, you’ll pinpoint exactly what’s working and what’s not on your team currently.

 We’ll clearly identify trends on your team in the areas of communication, trust, motivation and more.

Data-driven, scientifically-backed assessments diagnose exact core problems so you can stop wasting energy and start building an efficient team.

Your Diagnostic report comes with a free Leader Debrief via phone at no extra cost. Read more about our Diagnostic Reports.


Once you’ve identified what is working and what could use some improvement,

Pick a Team Building Package.

We have 3 options:

1. DIY Team Building. (We hand you the tools!) Perfect for the team that’s on a budget or knows how to use assessment tools already. Included in this service:


2. Guided Team Building Experience. (The Tune-Up) If your team is functioning fairly well but could use a tune-up, this may be perfect for you. Ideal for teams of high-performing individuals in a flat organizational structure, or for smaller teams that want to get their feet wet in communicating better.

  • Individual Report for each team member.
  • One-on-one report debrief for each team member with our staff.
  • Group graphs for the entire team.
  • Interactive group session facilitated by us via webinar (this is great for team members who live in different locations!). (Usually 3 hours, can be tailored to what your team needs).
  • Leader debrief (1 hour by phone with our staff).


3. Full Service Experience. (The Overhaul) We personally guide your team start-to-finish on their team building journey. This one is really great for multi-cultural teams, because it includes plenty of one-on-one support and guidance fora the leader, PLUS training on Emotional Intelligence (the #1 skill necessary in crossing multiple cultures). Included in this service:

  • Individual Report of Behaviors, Motivators AND Emotional Intelligence for each team member.
  • One-on-one report debrief with each team member with our staff.
  • Group graphs for the entire team.
  • 2 Interactive group session facilitated by us. (total of 5 hours).
  • Comparison reports for each team member and the Leader (find unique points of communication strengths and weaknesses between each individual and the leader).
  • 4 One-on-one coaching sessions with leader (Maximizing Soft Skills for Multicultural Leadership).

All 3 Team Building Packages come with a 1-hour Leader Debrief via phone. We don’t want you to feel alone! We’ll talk through what we see as strengths and weaknesses for your team in a confidential session with the Leader.

Read more about the Assessment Tools we use.



Choose an add-on.

We currently have 2 options:

1. New Team Member Onboarding. What happens to your investment in Team Building when the group has turnover? Our New Team Member Onboarding service helps new people integrate seamlessly into the dynamics you’ve already created on your team. With this service:

  • Each new team member receives their own individual report.
  • The entire team receives new group graphs (so everyone can see how the new member fits in with the rest of the team).
  • We facilitate an integration discussion with the new team member and the Leader.

2. Our Ongoing Team Building Support leaves an open door for questions, updates or input as team relationships evolve over the next 12 months. This add-on includes:

  • Monthly touch-base points to ensure any questions you have are being answered.
  • Coaching on interpersonal communication and growth between Leader and team members over the course of a year.


Wherever your Starting Point is, Healthy Teams Insights would love to help you take steps forward in communication and growth as a team. Ready to get started?


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