Mindfulness/EQ Training

Mindfulness and EQ Training

Emotional Intelligence, first popularized by Daniel Goleman, has become a mainstream topic among many companies. Research has demonstrated time and again that the most successful executives are those with high emotional intelligence.

self regulation

While self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills may be hard to spot on the surface, they are crucial to team and individual career development. An employee who on the surface seems to be very driven and successful can easily falter in a new situation if his or her sense of intrinsic motivation (or EQ) is low.

Healthy Teams Insights strongly believes in the power of Emotional Intelligence, and offers solutions to help those wanting to grow to actually make strides in each area. Mindfulness is the key.

Numerous organizations worldwide are finding and connecting the link between high Emotional Intelligence and a Mindfulness practice. Studies emerge on an almost daily basis from Harvard Medical School to Time Magazine, demonstrating the power of a Mindfulness practice and the correlation with improved Self-Awareness and Self-Regulation.


Healthy Teams Insights offers training in the basics of Emotional Intelligence, assessment tools to benchmark each participant’s baseline EQ skills as well as training to improve EQ. Our EQ and Mindfulness offerings can be delivered in the timeline that best suits your organization in its goals toward Emotional Well-being and stress reduction.

As Certified Mindfulness Facilitators, our techniques have proven to help organizations reduce their bottom-line medical expenses, due to stress reduction. In addition, employees report a greater sense of happiness and satisfaction.

We invite you to read our article on Emotional Intelligence and contact us to find out why organizations like Microsoft have chosen our Mindfulness Training.