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April’s webinar will be held at 10am CST on April 20:


Incorporating Mindfulness into Your Organization

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Hosted by Founder Wendy Davidson, packed with insights and information PLUS…. a free gift each anJan2016 4d every month.


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Here’s the detail:

  • Each webinar is 20-30 minutes. No time-wasting talking heads droning on….Just enough time to give you some valuable information and a free gift and send you on your way!


Webinar topics include:

The power of an intentional team (what it is and how to build it)

Self-Awareness and Leadership

Building a grass-roots movement in your very own team

How to facilitate team growth

and much, much more.


  • Question & Answer — got questions about team growth, intentionality, emotional intelligence and a lot of other team health issues? We’ll make time to take questions YOU have.


  • giftEach webinar includes a free gift. Must be present to receive (some gifts may be limited to one per team if multiple team members are in attendance).

Everyone is welcome. Invite your friends, colleagues, teammates, leaders, followers, aunts, uncles and cousins.


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