Healthy Teams Insights helps your team work using 3 methods:

Right Person-Right Position Job Benchmarking,

Transformational Team Coaching

Mindfulness/EQ Training.


Soft Skills that Produce Hard Results

  • Our Right Person/Right Position Job Benchmarking can produce at least 92% accuracy in predicting whether a candidate will perform well in a position.
  • Our Transformational Team Coaching has yielded 100% customer satisfaction and untold insights into self-and-others behaviors for better collaboration.
  • Our Mindfulness Training has been delivered to Microsoft and our customers span the globe from Asia to the US and Canada. It has produced astonishing results in decreasing stress, measured by professional stress assessments before and after training. We’ve seen as much as 266% improvement in stress scores after our 12-week Mindfulness training program.

All of our services are easily delivered virtually so your international or remote employees have no trouble participating. We invite you to find out how our Self-And-Others-Awareness Facilitation options can bring your organization the hard results you need.

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